Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Great Indian Election Tamasha

Hope shall be able to post more frequently now. So as expected everyone has forgotten about 26/11 mumbai attack as media is besotted with elections. The other day one of my senior colleagues mentioned that 'Shatranj ke Khiladi ' described the Indian psyche. He couldn't be more correct. The issues being highlighted and debated by media while show their bankruptcy , also prove that 'Shatranj ke Khiladi ' is more relevant today than probably the times when it was written. 100 crore of 'great' country are loosing their sleep over 'budiya', 'gudiya', past actions which don't matter, PM candidates calling each other names like school or even street children. The real issues are just confined to manifestos (to be sold to kabadi after elections) or some vague references. Media is suddenly concerned about some candidate in some part of a constituency dishing out money to some voters. So is Election Commission. It is different matter that they didn't want to move eyelid when MP's were bought in cash for survival of a PM. It is not strange in a society where a thief /pickpocket goes to jail for a few hundreds of Rs. and people misappropriating hundreds of crores of Rs. out of public exchequre become chief executives/get awarded.
Writing is on the wall. A fragmented and disunited India. Probably that is what we deserve. By distance, no statesman is in sight. Only humanbeings hankering after power and 100 crore bowing to supremacy of one or two just because they are descendants of a particular person. What makes so many highly learned people accept persons who are as ordinary as one can be as their leader? It baffles me but then I must be a fool not to understand.
Whatever I am saying or will say, everything gets explained in one or two small paras my father wrote and I reproduced in the beginning of this blog. Referring back to that at intervals will help the readers. Thanks for the day.

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