Friday, November 19, 2010

Fastest fingers first

Arrange the following pillars of democracy (in India) in decreasing order of corruption and depravity, starting with the most corrupt first:
a) Bureaucrats b) Politicians c) Media d) Judiciary.

Different people will have different answers as per their perceptions. My answer with my logic is as follows:
c) Media: Because media has the least, in fact nil, accountability out of the four. It is their absolute sweet will as to what they show or tell, in what way, and when. No one can question them. And as a keen reader and viewer I have seen time and again as to how they misuse this power in playing to the tunes of the powers. With a responsible media country could have not gone to the depths the media is today projecting it to have gone to. Whatever doubts I could have got on this account were alleviated a couple of days back through my personal experience with a leading Hindi news channel, when it started broadcasting an issue of national importance for which one of its smart reporters, one Mr. Mayank had got beautiful bytes from me in Mumbai, extempore, on the spur of the moment, but took it off the air even before the story was told even once, obviously and presumably under pressure from the implicated Ministry. They take no time in replacing issues with utter non-issues and change colours faster than chameleons.

d) Judiciary: It also has very less accountability, but more than media. And a leading advocate Mr. Prashant Bhushan very recently gave an affidavit that eight of the sixteen Supreme Court Justices he knew were definitely corrupt.

a) Bureaucrats: They are more accountable than the above two. But their accountability is to their bosses and political masters. Though known as public servants, they are not at all accountable to public. In fact, they do act as public masters.

b) Politicians: Contrary to popular belief, they are the most accountable of the lot. For all their actions, they are accountable to the masses and the people they represent. If people reelect them or elect them in the first place inspite of their being corrupt or incompetent or both, it is not their fault. They become the most depraved of the lot for the short or long period they have the absolute power.

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