Sunday, January 16, 2011

'No one killed Jessica'

A very well made and structured movie, almost to perfection. It must stir the conscious of the nation if there was any sensitivity left. We know that is not the case and this wonderful movie will go waste except probably stirring the young generation to some extent. Let us sum up what this realistic movie conveys/questions it raises:

1. Though we are a rotten society beyond redemption at large, there is still a glimmer of hope in people's power if we invoke it. And today nothing but that can save the country. For invoking our power, we have to do self cleansing through introspection.

2. In day today life, there is hardly any hope for common man to get justice in normal course. What should come to a citizen of a civilized country naturally, one has to fight really hard and use up one's whole life at times to achieve that little in India.

3. For one Jessica, where justice could finally be delivered, there are lakhs of cases justice is never done. If this scenario continues, we are doomed.

4. Media can still redeem itself, if it so wishes and decides.

5. Against the background of the society as realistically portrayed in this movie, how can we aspire to be a global power?

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