Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Culprits

So as mentioned in my open letter to Ms Mamata Banerjee, to which there has not been any response, ultimately I have had to take legal recourse to get my pension and other retirement dues. While I am destined to prolonged suffering for trying to be a responsible citizen and public servant, I have a right to ask the nation who are my culprits. To me Ms Sonia Gandhi, Dr Manmohan Singh, and Ms Mamata Banerjee - the top three most powerful leaders of the country - are my culprits, personally answerable to me. For making public proclamations and failing to act accordingly. The latter two for being the chief executives responsible to ensure due justice was done to me and for allowing my victimization. Though flags may fly at half mast when they die, they shall personally remain my culprits for ever. The Arnab Goswamis and Rajdeep Sardesais of Indian media are my culprits for not taking up the issue which was their moral duty if they were true to their profession. The Civil Society and Anna Hazares, obsessed with Lokpal Bill that will supposedly ensure punishment to and recovery from those who will be indulging in corruption in future, but not bothered about the outright mammoth loot going on right now, are my culprits - for being blind to victimization of one who dared to act in the interest of the society at large. The officers of Indian Railway Stores Service are my culprits for not standing up with me when I took up their cause.

And I am a culprit to my wife and shall ever remain her culprit.

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