Monday, June 6, 2011

Rascals and Men of Straw

When I posted the last blog, I never imagined what was going to transpire before next dawn. Not only the midnight swoop on the sleeping and peaceful protesters but shameless claim by the police and the governing political leadership to follow, that what had been done was right, just reconfirmed once more that in India power was in the hands of rascals and rogues exactly as had been predicted by Churchill. There have been many confirmations of this in last sixty plus years of independent India if one would bother to look for same. The continuance of those in power still implies that those in opposition are also rascals or men of straw or a combination of these characteristics. And so does it apply to those being ruled as in democracy Govt is supposed to be nothing but 'of the people'. And of course action of the government in the midnight at Ramlila Ground, New Delhi was in public interest. Just like a rapist raping a woman since he felt sure that she would enjoy the act.

There is a quote - ' Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people'. While a whole country is falling to greater depths each passing week if not day, people who matter whether in media or in government are busy discussing people and calling names. Why don't they realize that the ever increasing injustice and corruption means that something is wrong with our basic systems and drastic corrections have become necessary? It could be our bureaucratic systems, our judicial and legal systems, our Constitution or the democracy we follow itself. Or is it that they realize but won't bother as they are the ones personally gaining from the existing systems? Because after all they are rascals, rogues, freebooters and men/women of straw?

The poor citizens of India, largely senior citizens, females and children got inhuman treatment from their own police on that black night. There are protests all around, there may be some more protests and then all will be forgotten. Those responsible will have party time. Next elections are far off and public memory is known to be short. There won't be any justice for the commoners who have suffered heavy physical injuries. While talk of LokPal Bill and bringing back black money stashed abroad will continue to make headlines, every businessman or citizen will have to continue making provision for hafta or bakhshish in his balance sheet for mere survival. The crusaders will continue hogging the lime light. Nothing wrong with that. But the end result?

Or this time round things will be different? A real revolution will really commence? God's grace if it does.

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