Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Salute

I feel proud to be an Indian, may be for the first time in my life. The way lakhs of individuals on roads have united as one man irrespective of caste, creed, religion, age, sex, profession, class, geography, and political affiliations across the nation with the conviction and passion on display in support of Anna Hazare and with the objective of a corruption free India, I salute them. As Arvind Kejriwal said after coming out of jail a while ago, "now there is a ray of hope". Still, it is just a ray, nothing more. Those who understand Indian society will understand this.

During last couple of days, I have seen editors talking bullshit (Sh. Vinod Sharma of Hindustan Times among them) and editors talking what they should (Sh. N Ram of Hindu) on electronic media. I have seen leaders from ruling party and leaders not from ruling party (Lalu ji) repeatedly making fool of themselves through their utterances, a few lawyer Ministers being outstanding in this regard. But it hurts when people call PM names and blame the government for having been dictatorial and foolish beyond comprehension in having arrested Anna and his team. Why don't people understand that PM meant it when he said his government was determined against corruption? It is for this reason they have been acting (even though appearing too foolish) in a way such that the movement against corruption gains momentum in no time.

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