Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nothing has Changed

Nothing was expected to change and nothing has changed in last year or two. If things have changed, it is for the worse.

1. The media at large continues to act as a keep of those in power. If team Anna has made any indisputable demand till date, it has been - asking of a SIT to investigate those central cabinet ministers against whom strong prima-facie evidence existed. And it was really amusing when Arnab Goswami of 'Times Now' Fame, and the biggest self-proclaimed crusader against any wrong doing by anyone in the country, also appeared to be questioning the appropriateness of this most legitimate demand.

2. On the heels of the 2G scam, comes the bigger 'Coalgate.' And lo! Chidambrams and Sibbals are at it           again with their absurd logics. I wonder what is the common-sense or education level of the reporters to whom they proudly explain their  'smart' theories. If I were one of them, I could easily take their pants off and make them run in their under-wears. But the media and the government are doing nothing but proving me right. The former proving what morons they are and the later proving that words beyond 'shamelessness' need to be coined now.

3. The erstwhile Team Anna, the good guys, is disintegrating with each passing day. They have also done their bit in proving me correct in all respects.

4. All this while, while the politicians get the brick-bats, the bureaucrats coolly continue to laugh all the way to the Swiss banks.

5. More than Rs. 5000 crores per year continues to get leaked through Railway procurement and no one is least bothered, even though the issue is in the knowledge of the whole parliament and whole of media.

6. The recent Supreme Court verdict on Chidambram has only proved beyond doubt how inadequate and/or pliable our judicial system is.

In short and in essence, the rogues and the rascals are touching greater heights each day and the eunuchs are happily enjoying their impotence.  

Long live India! Shame India!

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