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Jan, 2015

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Sub: Dealing with the massive fraud through cricket

Dear Sh. Narendra Modi,
Your kind attention was drawn to an issue of extreme national importance through an article dated 19th August, 2014 (link: http://www.politicsparty.com/shownews.php?newsid=501). Your personal attention was drawn to it through tweets. Again your and PMO’s kind attention was invited through tweets to a recently published book ‘Cricket: The Massive Fraud’ (one of the links: http://www.amazon.in/Cricket-Massive-Fraud-Atul-Kumar-ebook/dp/B00REARJXU/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1420254668&sr=1-1&keywords=Cricket%3A+The+massive+fraud) that did call for your action/reaction. But you have kept quiet till date. Probably you feel you can afford to ignore and keep mum. I tell you why you, as Prime Minister of India, can’t do that.
You personally have been associated with cricket administration in India as President, Gujarat Cricket Association for quite a long time. And Mr Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister of India, perceived to be the next most important member of your cabinet, has as Vice President of BCCI and a member of Governing Council of IPL (along with his political clout) been at the helm of cricket administration in India for many a year. Same cricket and same IPL that is fixed (total continuous fixing in cricket is now well established and is a matter of fact just like 2+2 = 4) and played for the benefit of none other than Dawood Ibrahim as per our own police reports/findings. While you could get benefit of doubt for your personal involvement in the murky cricket, no such benefit of doubt could be given to Mr Arun Jaitley since multiple media reports have repeatedly painted him as one calling the shots in Indian Cricket and BCCI, and since it just can’t be that he with his roles has not been aware of the dirty deeds in cricket. What does this mean? It simply means that if not you yourself, the present Finance Minister of India, among other eminent cricketers and Indians, has been in league with Dawood Ibrahim who is supposed to be/projected as the enemy no. 1 of India. Not only Mr Arun Jaitley, another important BJP leader, Mr Anurag Thakur, also gets similarly implicated. That means that you and your government have been bluffing through public speeches. 
Now, what are your options? The most convenient for you is to ignore this letter and keep mum as you have been doing. But then the world will know that you were no statesman, and you were willingly allowing your country and your people to be compromised. Next is that you may see to my harassment and liquidation. That also shouldn’t help or benefit you, rather may prove counter-productive for you. The best course for you will be to show true statesmanship and to deal squarely with the massive fraud called cricket. That will send a message to the world that you meant business and didn’t indulge only in rhetoric.
Needless to say, this letter will be made public. 
Encl: Write-ups by two top/renowned journalists on the subject titled Drugs, terror, PM and cricket  and ‘FIXERS and CRICKET’ (links: http://rajinderpuri.com and  http://www.newsinsight.net/FIXERSANDCRICKET.ASPX#PAGE=PAGE-1&page=page-1) and copies of two books ‘Bettors Beware’ and ‘Cricket: The Massive Fraud.’

Atul Kumar
(a citizen of India) (atulrailway@hotmail.com)
Winner of S R Jindal Prize 2011 for crusade against corruption

Sh. Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

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