Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A clear mandate

The outcome of recent elections has been a pleasant surprise. Not a fractured but a united India. All pundits and non-pundits such as me proved wrong. Onus now shifts to the winner to deliver. Hope they'll do it. Inspite of my strong resentment against dynastic rule, I this time have an inkling that the coming Govt. would be the best we have ever seen. Parties who fought against the winner are now falling over each other to support the party against which they fought the elections. Does this mean they have realised their mistake and will not fight elections next time around as they exist today? If they have to support their opponents after elections, why waste so much time, money and energy ? Why to exist as opponents and befool all? Could we do something to get rid of such farce? Let us hope the very best for us.

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