Friday, May 29, 2009

We as a collective species

We talk of one brotherhood but why is it so then that a man in street is least bothered if children are begging around him, if daily hundreds of innocent people die in blasts and violence in nearby countries? Are we civilised? Or civilisation is just a mask for us? Have we not failed utterly as a collective species? There are thousands of us who have means and do enjoy to the full, palatial living, the most delicious eating and completely satisfying love making with the most beautiful and handsome of the opposite (or same if lesbian) sex. Then there are billions who have to fight a daily battle for roti, kapda aur makan. Karl Marx and Communism couldn't succed. We have not been able to create a world order where people could coexist peacefully with basic needs of one and all being met with. If anything, we are fast going away from any such possible order by every minute. Human nature governs so and probably we have been so destined.

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