Thursday, April 15, 2010

A country of farces

Of late I have been wondering how India will rank as a most farcical nation. Farces do happen and will happen but what is extraordinary with India is how nonchalantly the nation accepts these farces day in and day out. One such farce started with Indian Idol and has multiplied exponentially since then. Selections are supposed to be through viewers' votes in numerous reality shows, there being no limit on number of votes being cast by a single viewer through SMS. More recently a great farce has been perpetrated by the intellectual cream of the country affecting the cream among the young generation. CAT was conducted for admissions to premier management institutes under lot of media attention. Boys and girls slogged to do well in the exam and results also got declared. But then suddenly it was decided that performance in this common objective exam wouldn't count much and marks obtained by the candidates years ago during schooling would count more. Though there have been murmurs among disgruntled candidates, as a nation we are just not bothered.
I do feel that we must be among top ten most farcical societies in the world.

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