Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The various aspects of IPLgate are all very simple. It is another matter that we don't see or don't want to see simple things.
1. The Indian Govt action/reaction now is similar to a person coolly allowing a tiny growth to develop into a full-blown cancer under his/her very nose and then deciding one fine day that major surgery was to be done.
2. If media or Govt think it's all one Lalit Modi's game and removing him will cleanse everything, then I feel like laughing loud. Outcome of a match can't be fixed if all connected are not involved or are not first rate fools. The list of those connected will include everyone belonging to the cricketing establishment and will be very long for fixing of IPL matches. It is quite visible to me as a man of limited intelligence, but probably those in media or Govt possess better I.Q.
3. Could things be so bad as being thought to be without involvement of franchise owners and big players? Aren't all of them very prestigious citizens, 'gods' or 'bharat ratnas'?

Yes, hypocrisy is a charcteristic among humans that ( maybe second only to 'ego') determines their course the most and is limitless.

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