Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Naxals again kill CRPF Jawans

Naxalism has been and is supposed to be armed battle by the Have-nots against the Haves in the society/civilization. To carry it on, they time and again kill the bottom strata of the police force, the jawans, the Have-nots among the Haves. This has always baffled me. What have Naxalites achieved till date and what they hope to achieve by killing a few lowly paid jawans when there are thousands waiting to take the place of the scores who die. How has it been affecting Haves among the Haves (the leaders)? They just shed some crocodile tears and indulge in further loot. The gap between the Have-nots and Haves has ever been increasing. They must be doing it to make their presence felt. Neither killing Naxalites will help. A civilized society is expected to take due care of its Have-nots. There is no dearth of resources for same. What lacks is the will.

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