Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Union Carbide Case and Judicial System in India

The breaking news items day after day, hour after hour just confirm what I have been saying. But this doesn't gladden me, rather saddens me. There is absolutely no hope. Issues are raised, discussions made, feelings assuaged through hollow words and all forgotten. This is the set pattern.

Coming to topic, the Union Carbide judgement is not a case of too little too late as being lamented by many, but a case of injustice as most of other cases where justice is delayed. Give it a thought. The punishment is inflicted on a name, not the offender. The man today is totally different from the man who committed the crime 25years, 15 years, or 10 years back. For justice to happen, the punishment must be imposed nearer to the time of crime. In that sense, the judicial system as many other systems in India is nothing but a farce.

Now other aspect of this case. As beans are being spilled, it is much much beyond shock to see how Top Judiciary and Heads of Govt's had been acting overboard to save a US national responsible for (through negligence to be mildest) death of thousands and ruining lives of lakhs of their countrymen. And we shall still be raising slogans in praise of such people and those supporting them, because they are in power. The offender was a citizen of a Super power and lakhs who suffered were just common citizens of a poor nation. And still as a nation we don't hide our sense of feeling Big when that Super Power just pats us now and then (that also they do just to serve their own interests). What a country! Oh God, what a country!

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