Friday, February 17, 2012

Conspicuous by Absence

Up elections are on but one doesn't hear or read what team Anna is up to though Baba Ramdev surfaces once a while. Leading to the elections, they were occupying the media space for months. When the crux time has come, the media space has been reserved for Priyankas and Rahuls. Anna and Team Anna are not to be seen. If I remember correctly, they had been warning of a lot of action during the assembly elections if their version of Lokpal Bill was not passed by such time. Their version of LokPal is nowhere even in sight, and they are conspicuous by their absence. Have people shunned them? Has media shunned them? Or had they themselves been misleading to divert attention from the reality of daily scams as Mr Rajinder Puri had been hinting again and again? I always felt conspiracy theory of Mr Puri was a bit far fetched but now one doesn't know. The hypocrisy of the electronic media in not giving them any space now, though, is too obvious.

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