Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sense of Proportion

When it comes to sense of proportion, nothing can beat Indian educated class and intelligentsia. All hell broke loose when a few ministers were filmed watching some pornographic clippings on a personal mobile phone in Karnataka assembly by a vigilant TV cameraman. What were they guilty of? A personal or private sin in a public place. And of dereliction of duty in not being attentive in the Assembly. The latter can be said to be the same as being committed by all the legislators sometime or other when they are snoring or gossiping in the legislature.

But did such hell break lose when enormous public sins (cash for vote and 2G scam among many others one after another) were committed by those holding the highest public offices of the country? True that some editors and columnists demanded that government must go that time also but they were a very small minority. But the Indian intelligentsia and educated public in general were not bothered. All of them did bother as a man when the incident of porno watching came to light. Definitely something is wrong with their sense of proportion or my sense of proportion.

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