Thursday, August 6, 2009


It is heartening to see Sh. Amartya Sen talking of injustices in no uncertain manner. A well known person and not unknown entities like Sh. O.P. Mital or Atul Kumar has raised the most pertinent issue. But will anyone be interested? You know as well as I know. Our media and most of us will be more interested and busy in knowing what Katrina Kaif eats or what Shah Rukh wears or what is the latest hair style adopted by Dhoni. The list is endless. The print pages, the electronic viewing slots and men-hours spent on such trivialities and non-issues will be mind boggling. Who has got time and will to bother about justice and injustice. We shall continue with our follies unmindful that not in distant future we shall be engulfed by those. Let us hope I am proved wrong.

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