Wednesday, August 19, 2009

PM Manmohan Singh and Pakistan

Watching PM defend his joint statement with Pakistan in Egypt few days back and then just after a few days listening him to say that there was serious terror threat from Pakistan confused me as it must have cnfused thousands of countrymen/women. Same day as he was talking of terror threat, the Home Minister was saying that PM's policy of 'trust and verify' for Pakistan had been a wise one. This confused further. The clarification was that what PM meant was that terror threat from Pak had nothing to do with Pak Govt. But unfortunately Pak hasn't (as it couldn't) taken kindly to PM's latest comments. So there will be lot of comments, counter comments such that we are kept busy with only statements and counterstatements. No one will have time to bother for actions, results and real issues. This is Governance. Let us also learn.

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