Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shah Rukh Khan

A few days back I read a quote ascribed to SRK " I am tired of hearing success stories. Success just happens." or something to that effect. I have never been a big fan of SRK (though I have always been of Amitabha Bacchan) but I liked and appreciated this quote. This quote gains more authencity and value as it came from one of the most successful persons. We have no control over our birth, no control over our death- the two most defining events of what we call life, yet we lose no time or opportunity for crediting ourselves for whatever good happens to us in between. How paradoxical!
Coming back to SRK, it did occur to me also that the Newyork (USA) episode of his detention could have something to do with his forthcoming film ' My name is Khan'. Timing and emphasis on word Khan, if coincidental, was a good coincidence for the upcoming film. Watching reactions of SRK on TV on Amar Singh voicing what many had felt, I wondered what had hit SRK to lose his decency while reacting. He has been at too high a pedestal to react the way he did.

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