Saturday, October 30, 2010

Adarsh Housing Society Scam

Yet another scam involving the top strata of society comes to the public domain. Further re-confirms what has been said earlier in this blog. The more perturbing is the fact that the rogues and mostly only rogues have been rising to the top public positions whether in bureaucracy or in politics. Now we can add defence forces as well. Like it or not, that is the 'system' we have developed and nurtured. The degradation of society is complete as this scam has been perpetrated in the name of those who laid down their lives for the society and country to which they thought they belonged. I hope by now no doubt should be remaining in minds that scams surfacing every other day are no stray incidents but a clear indication of the fact that we all are living to compete each other for the 'loot' while number of those starving to death is swelling around us. Let us understand that for every scam surfacing, there are thousands not coming to public domain, and for each such scam there are thousands other continuing undetected. I do feel tempted to reproduce my published interview as this new scam is also vindication of what was said there in.

Coming back to the subject, a much needed breather for Mr. Kalmadi and bad luck for Mr. Ashok Chavan, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, since this expose' comes so close on the heels of CWG scam also involving his party-men. That has forced leadership of his party to become virtuous overnight and demand his scalp. Poor Mr. Chavan. So many top central cabinet ministers under same leadership have been surviving for years the bunglings worth hundreds times more both in value and gravity. Even the Supreme Court of the country has had to seek solace only in uttering sarcastic remarks every now and then, remarks a wag could utter. The anarchy looks to be complete by each passing day. Is it "time now" for the much needed revolution?

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