Sunday, October 17, 2010

M for Media, M for Moron

Our great electronic media must being controlled and run by morons to be so effective in making issues out of non-existing non-issues and non-issues out of real issues. Or I must be a moron not to be able to realize the greatness behind their activities. Whatever may be my complaints, a certain Kalmadi must send blank cheques to media and particularly to one media-house as he must be indebted to them for ensuring him next President-ship of any commonwealth country he chooses. His name has been bombarded so much in the consciousness of the people there that they find it hard to remember names of their spouse, children or parents. Nothing matters in the world more than Kalmadi and his brand of corruption.

Kalmadi has another choice. He can start courses for corruption. He can open colleges, run correspondence courses or start global classes through internet. I am sure the competitive exam for seeking admission to his courses in all formats will be much tougher to crack than CAT or GMAT. Even if he limits the aspiring candidates through tough eligibility criterion like at least six months of non-corrupt working experience. I am sure Kalmadi may not be having any special talent for the purpose but he must now encash the greatness thrust upon him.

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