Saturday, October 30, 2010

S for Success, S for Sold

Does success lead people to sell themselves off or selling out leads to success? I think both co-exist in this 'kalyug', the former for enabling successful ones to stay that way. Nehru dynasty must be considered the most successful Indians as they have been ruling the country for ages. The present dispensation in the dynasty is sold out to a super power is very obvious, at least that is my perception. The passage of nuclear liability bill above everything else (people maintain that PM is nothing more than a puppet of the dynasty and I see no reason to disagree), even if MP's were to be bought for the purpose, and now first time another puppet, a CM, openly declaring that Pakistan has a role to play in J&K issue or something to that effect, leave no doubt in my simple mind about most successful Indians being sold out to another country. Then the puppets acting as puppets for their continuance as PM or CM means they are also sold out. Going on extending the logic, we shall find that the most of sccessful Indians are those who have agreed to sell themselves out to ones whose blessings are necessary for their success or continuance of same. There always will be some exceptions, but those will be just that- exceptions.

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