Monday, December 13, 2010

I blame you, You blame me and let the rot continue

What is happening? The opposition makes a lot of noise about corruption by/during tenure of the ruling alliance. Scam after scam is reported, the government does precious nothing. When persistence by media and/or judiciary becomes inescapable, enquiries are ordered. And the claims start, ' look, how concerned we are about corruption', and the examples where the opposition party making hue and cry failed to act in its own instances of corruption in present and past are highlighted by the ruling party. Nothing wrong per se. But to an ordinary citizen like me, it appears that corruption by ruling alliance is justified because opposition also has indulged in it and that by opposition was justified because they are indulging/indulged in it where they are in power or when they were in power. For corruption, the ruling party and the opposition , it would appear, are answerable only to each other and not to the people whom they represent. Similar thing happened when blasts took place in Varansi very recently. The Centre blamed the State Govt. and State blamed the Centre. That was the end of taking responsibilities. My dear common man, just take care how to survive and don't bother about rot all around you as it is there to continue.

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