Monday, December 13, 2010

'I did nothing wrong and acted as per rules.'

So said Sh. A Raja and Sh. Suresh Kalmadi, both accused of being responsible for scams worth multi thousands/hundreds crores of Rupees. They may be proved so in times to come, and in all probability, going by previous experiences, it will be proved so. Yet the fact remains that astronomical sums of public money have been cornered by a few powerful haves from politics, industry and media. And thousands of children continue to die of starvation or become handicapped for life because of mal-nutrition. So, while media is quite happy creating sensations through implication of a few big names, the real malaise lies in the systemic corruption no one has time and will to bother about. The apathy of media to real issues of substance has been amply proved from its interest(lack of it) in the much bigger Railway Rot exposed through my efforts. No one is interested in saving public money. Responsibility of media lies only in making correct noises when a loot comes to its notice. A big big farce is going on all-around.

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