Wednesday, December 22, 2010

PM Sh. Manmohan Singh

As a citizen of India I feel really indebted to our beloved Prime Minister. First because he made a great sacrifice in accepting the premiership knowing fully well he would be nothing more than a puppet whose strings would not be in one hand but in many hands and he would be dancing to many tunes. The movements of his neck would be under control of UPA chairperson. The strings of his eyes would be drawn by the allies like Rajas and Pawars who would make them remain closed. Then Radias would come into play and control his hand movements. There would be opposition always pulling his legs. Please don't take it as satire, giving whole body control willfully to so many diverse forces must have not been an easy sacrifice.

I feel further indebted to him because when he had become so comfortable with such an arrangement, the others started demanding their pound of flesh and he came out of stupor to oblige them as well. When media would persist and not budge, he took strong action against one Mr. Kalmadi and started ignoring him. He was quite comfortable keeping his eyes closed for years but did open those when forced to do so by one Supreme Court to be able to see affairs of one Mr. Raja at last. Not only this, even when so handicapped he was always worrying about 'aam aadmi', the common man, and ensured that he didn't have to take daily tough decisions as to what to buy and what not to buy, by allowing prices to rise for everything such that he could buy nothing, not even onions. When it was made to dawn upon him that if only one item, the onions, could remain in reach of common man then also he would not face the ordeal of choice in buying, he took a few fingers out of grip of Radias and took great trouble in writing a letter to his Minister asking him to bring down the onion prices. Tell me, which PM could take so much trouble or do so much for aam aadmi.

More than PM, Sh. Manmohan Singh, I feel indebted to the big-wigs of Indian society from all fields for always singing praises for Dr Singh's integrity, his political acumen and his statesmanship. Because it was this support of theirs that continued giving Dr Singh the encouragement and strength to keep going and doing his wonderful bit for the common man in such adverse circumstances.

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