Thursday, July 28, 2011

L for Lokpal; L for Lincoln Law

At last I have come across a voice of reason in media about obsession of Team Anna with Lokpal bill. Newspaper- none other than 'The Statesman' and writer- none other than Sh. Rajinder Puri. This is what he had to say in his article titled 'Hasan Ali and Anna Hazare' and published in the Statesman dated 26th July, "More than admiration, the single minded pursuit by the Anna Hazare team to enact the Lokpal Bill has started to cause surprise. The surprise arises from the team’s obsession with the Lokpal law as its avowed goal to end corruption while the government’s continuous delay and derailment of the raging ongoing corruption cases is being virtually ignored. Increasingly, the Hazare team’s effort has started to appear more an attempt to divert attention from the current crisis than a genuine effort to fight corruption. Whatever the efficacy or otherwise of a Lokpal to fight corruption, whatever the final shape the Bill to enact the office might take, the exercise is unlikely to show concrete results before the end of this year. Meanwhile, will India continue to be drained by corruption cases that are not resolved by the government? ......................How brazen and shameless can the government get? And to what helplessness and impotence can the Indian public be reduced? Mr Anna Hazare and his team should reflect. It is futile to focus on a distant Lokpal when justice is being raped under their noses. By all means pursue the Lokpal Bill. But why ignore the brazen cover up of corruption proceeding currently?" Thank God! Commonsense does exist though very rare.

As I am educated about Lincoln Law (being practiced in USA) by Sh. Shiv Karan Singh, I feel sure that this law if introduced in India will be hundred times more potent to fight corruption than the Lokpal bill even as per team Anna's draft. In fact proposed Lokpal bill will be effective only as much as it incorporates any provisions of Lincoln Law. Lincoln Law may even be more effective in India than it has been in USA because of our inherent crab mentality. Only thing necessary will be proper and true implementation. Surely well meaning people and a nation of billion plus have simply been wasting their time and energy in pursuit of a Lokpal bill which this very day has been termed 'Jokepal Bill' by team Anna.

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