Monday, July 18, 2011

P for Parliament; P for Prostitute

It was hundred years back that Mahatma Gandhi had compared Parliament (British at that time) to prostitute and sterile woman, both at the same time. Still we adopted same system of governance for our country. The result is there for everyone to see. More so in last one year when we have been achieving greater heights of anarchy each passing day. Gandhiji has been proved correct beyond any doubt. 'Cash for Vote' scandal is back in the news, again courtesy none other than our Hon'ble Supreme Court. I have said enough about it already. It was perfectly expected of the govt to keep the issue under wraps. Opposition also keeping quiet for three years could indicate that they also had something to hide. But why did our great media chose not to talk of the worst scandal ever having hit the country except whenever they were forced to?

Mahatma Gandhi has been very logical while espousing the above comparison in the book 'Hind Swaraj'. Each word he said 100 years ago at the age of about forty rings true through our experiences of over sixty years of independence. While readers may like to go through the book or the relevant chapter in order to understand what Gandhiji meant, I shall also like to share my own experience with Indian Parliament and Parliamentarians. When the Minister, the bureaucracy and the media comfortably slept over the continuing leakage of about Rs. 5000 crores per anum, I brought the matter to the personal knowledge of all MPs of Lok Sabha and a few prominent MPs of Rajya Sabha through a letter to each of them. My logic was simple. Being public representatives they should bother about public money more than anyone else. They did bother. In their own way. The more responsible ones forwarded my letter to the concerned Ministry also informing me of this action. The wiser ones must have used my letter and its enclosures as toilet paper. The loot continues unabated to this day. I marvel at the wisdom Mahatma Gandhi possessed when I read Hind Swaraj. No wonder we revere him world over through our words. No wonder we abuse him world over through our actions. Hypocrisy remains our greatest characteristic. God has made us that way.

When Churchill made prophetic comments about leaders India would be having, he forgot to tell that it would be so since India were to copy British parliamentary system for its governance. What a coincidence that at this very moment both these countries are being rocked by scandals!

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