Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let us tolerate but let us not accept

I feel tolerance is the greatest virtue of we Indians. And excess of tolerance is our greatest evil. We extend our tolerance in accepting things we must not accept and it is there that we fail as a nation. We tolerate to accept a helpless Prime Minister who publicly says that survival of his government is more important than good governance for the country. We tolerate to accept police atrocities openly on innocent citizens who pay for that police force. We tolerate to accept leaders whose only virtue is that they are past masters in licking some particular asses. We tolerate to accept leaders (in opposition) who are good for nothing but making right or wrong noises. We tolerate to accept media for whom non-issues are the issues and the real issues are non-issues. We tolerate to accept a bureaucracy for whom self-service is the greatest virtue. We tolerate to accept a judicial system which has no time frame for imparting justice.

As a citizen we must understand what we should tolerate and what we must not accept. To give an example nearer home, a relation misbehaving with elders in the family could be tolerated but a relation refusing to look after old and ailing parents or parents-in-law should not be tolerated and should be socially boycotted.

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