Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2nd and final Test between SL and Bangladesh ending on 19/3/13

Bangladesh batted beyond anyone's weirdest dreams against SL in SL in the first test to have scored 638 and 70/1 in the two innings respectively, making majority of the punters, having backed hot favourites SL, lose their money. 

And having shown such form with batting in the first test, they again made punters lose their money in the 2nd Test by performing abysmally with the bat in this match. 

While batting 2nd and being in a very precarious position at 202/6, with Sohab Gazi scoring well, why should he (Gazi) play a lofted shot willingly straight to a fielder in the deep, or in that direction or area where a fielder was lurking? How can one be allowed to do harakiri when playing for a nation? And if one does so, why is he not kicked out of the team for good? Such is not an isolated case. From the recordings of the matches in all formats and all countries, one will come across hundreds of Ghazis. Players doing harakiri and yet being continued with and honoured! Why? Why not if what they did was as per the direction given to them as per the script?

Another interesting giveaway of fixers came to notice. The odds at betfair on fall of Gazi's wicket were 1.06 in f/o SL, With other 10 to 15 runs scored, the odds increased to 1.08. Fine. When 10 or so more runs were scored, I was surprised to see odds falling back to 1.06. Is next wicket going to fall, I wondered? And sure enough, almost immediately the big wicket of Bangladeshi captain Mushfiqur Rahim (the double century scorer of the first test) fell at 228.

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