Tuesday, March 26, 2013

5th and final ODI- SA vs PAK - 24/3/13

The pendulum swung again, SA crushing Pakistan, or rather Pak getting crushed by SA. Same old story. Movement of odds clearly indicating what was to come. Starting odds in f/o SA being about 1.64, came down to 1.52 at fall of first wicket at 11/1, and inexplicably to 1.36 at 26/1 in 7.4 overs. Not inexplicably, as the next wicket was to fall soon at 31 in the tenth over, a wicket maiden. It took care of the 10 overs session scoring as well, such that the session score stayed put at lesser than the minimum on offer during this session, as explained earlier.

And at 35/2 in 10.5 overs, the odds hadn't fallen much at 1.33. Was a good partnership in the offing? It surely was, the next wicket falling at 97.

While viewing matches, sometimes I have come across the fielding side not appealing or just making half a shout when it appeared to be a very close call. And very interestingly, the broadcaster also doesn't show the replays on such occasions. Such a thing happened when Tsotsobe bowled the first ball of the 23rd over to Kamran Akmal. Without benefit of replay, I couldn't be sure, but it did appear to be a close call to me.

As soon as the odds in f/o SA touched the starting odds at 97/2 (still being less than what should have been),  another wicket fell and the odds never again recovered enough to reach the starting odds. And Pak lost two quick wickets in the 35th over, just before batting power play was to start, to tighten the noose round its neck. Shahid Afridi again got duck out when it mattered and when a good innings from him, with batting power play a few balls away, could have helped his team a lot. Afridi getting out at that juncture, in the manner he did, may appear inexplicable and unpardonable to many, but not to Pak officials and those who matter.

In the 40th over, with score at 162/7, Saeed Ajmal tried to get himself run-out but the fielder couldn.t hit the stumps. Ajmal got himself out bowled, the very next ball.

And while fielding to defend a meager 204, Pak allowed Villiers cat's nine lives to enable him to complete their annihilation.

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