Friday, March 22, 2013

4th ODI SA vs PAK - 21/3/13

Another 180 degree swing as far as result was concerned. But otherwise a more balanced and competitive script. Had to be, after 3-4 one sided scripts at a trot. May appear to be a normal match to an average viewer, notwithstanding SA losing 2 wickets off first 2 balls of the match, notwithstanding Pakistan making a heavy weather in the end when almost at the goal post. 

Wondered if Md Irfan could bowl the yorker he bowled to bowl out Ingram, why could he not bowl such balls during the Test series or again in this match or earlier in other matches. That would apply to almost all the bowlers who come out with lethal deliveries once in a blue moon and then forget all about it. 

South Africa restricted to 234 in 50 overs, a score much below par, specially considering high scoring by both  the teams in the previous matches and still odds in f/o Pak being as high as 1.75, it was imperative there would be some quick Pak wickets at the start, and it was so, starting with  a dramatic run out of Md Hafeez yet again. Match swung from one team to the other and so did the odds, to trap the punters who would not have been expecting such swings at all, with the last one-sided ODI's between these teams etched in their memory.

The subtle controlling of session scoring continued throughout, the first ten over session of Pak batting being similar to first session of SA batting in the last ODI.

During SA innings, there was not such steep fall in SA odds with runs being scored, as was in the last ODI. Of course, the odd-deciders knew the difference that was going to be in the subsequent plays and the end results!

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