Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chief Vigilance Commissioner of India

Continuing media obsession with CWG not withstanding, the breaking news is that our Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC), who was administered the oath by the President of India the other day, having been appointed by our own Prime Minister and Home Minister, is an accused in a corruption case since 1992. What is so big about it? Was he not a Secretary to Govt Of India prior to this? Was not the husband of our President an accused in a court case? Didn't our Prime Minister once survive by bribing the Members of Parliament? Is not our Home Minister known to be linked to mining mafias? Have not number of Central Ministers and Chief Ministers in states been distinguishing themselves in amassing astronomical wealth through public service and then getting majority support to win elections again? Is not ICC (International Cricket Council) chief, a body managing the biggest corruption on earth, a key Central Minister in India? If so, shouldn't one of the most corrupt perceived bureaucrats qualify to be the Chief Vigilance Commissioner to oversee the functioning of largely corrupt and incompetent bureaucracy. On this account, our great Govt has not failed us, though leading and governing a failed state. It hopes people should now become wise enough to stop sending complaints to CVC. Let us take the cue and at least help the Green cause by saving stationery.

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