Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wrong or right?

I was proved wrong and then proved right about our all pervasive media? How much I would love to be proved wrong, outright wrong? A channel, a prime one (whether same I mentioned about in last blog or a different one, I leave for readers to guess), one fine evening brought out the news on 5000 crore yearly Railway Scam with great fanfare, as an Exclusive Story. I don't know whether they ran it during night for owls to watch but next day morning not only video of the news but even captions were off air as if yearly scam had happened and vanished overnight. But then they did continue with the news on their website. Probably scam was for only elite to know and they didn't want to burden the 'aam aadmi' with overdose of scams. Yes, they know best how to run their channel but as a common man I am entitled to my reactions.

What follows makes this channel still venerable. Because even now no one else in the media except one Hindi newspaper considers loss of 5000 crore or more annually worth bothering. So my dear countrymen, rejoice and celebrate. We are a very very rich nation. While you do that, I shall coolly await my execution for having bothered about professional correctness and astronomically big sums of public money. Since I am now 'the villain' for the Minister who till other day was so concerned about the poor, public money and the corruption. Oh! what a farce? What a farce!

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