Thursday, September 23, 2010

Common Wealth Games 2010

Time about I also said something about Commonwealth Games, the media are so obsessed with. Few days back I read Chetan Bhagat's article in Times of India on the subject and I couldn't agree more. I don't know how many would act on his advice and boycott the games but as expected, public, specially young generation is being befooled by greater fools in believing and making them do their best to make games a success. All for the prestige of the country. As luck would have it, things have already come to a pass that country's prestige has suffered badly even before start of the games. Now the outcome of games is immaterial, it may only give some solace to the media-mauled organisers, if hailed as successful which in all probability these will be. Media, in the meantime takes pride in continuing to highlight CWG scams, closing its eyes to obvious and known much much bigger scams. When it comes to sense of proportions, our reverred media doesn't have any.

While fingers are being pointed out at a few individuals for the mess, fundamental question remains who gave them this responsibility? It is I and you as a result of our democratic set up, and we are now criticising. When there is total anarchy around, blaming or fixing a few won't help. Over exposure of CWG mess by media with no resulting corrective or punitive action at any level has now made people, even die-hard optimists like me, to realise that anarchy in India is total and here to stay. It has signalled death of public accountability in India that had started taking last breaths with cash for vote scam, and will need a miracle for revival. The other day I was asking if India had become a failed state, the answer has come a bit too soon.

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