Saturday, September 25, 2010

More on Common Wealth Games

Something more for us Indians to rejoice at. We have a Prime Minister with a magical band or touch. He just used it and everything with CWG became alright, the mess just disappeared. This is the message coming through the electronic channels (what I had predicted a day back and what any body would have predicted). Why to bother if it was same PM who had appointed and till date supported the very people who had created the mess. It was same PM who had intervened a few weeks back to appoint a Group of Ministers to arrest the mess and still mess had become so big as to attract international ridicule. Magic is not for day to day affairs, should be used only when absolutely necessary. So our beloved and reverred PM did and lo! country's prestige is back on rail. Hail the PM! Hail the media whose efforts made PM wield his magic band! Hail ourselves for belonging to such a great country!

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