Thursday, September 16, 2010

A delayed post

A few months back there was an accident, said to be result of sabotage, of Gyaneshwari Express near Jhargram. Many innocent lives were lost, child twins being among them. Moved that time, I had written a poem that I reproduce below now.

Accident at Jhargram

We were alive, the little twins,

Healthy and kicking

Dreaming the sweet dreams

Embraced in bliss

A few moments ago

Now hovering over the accident site at Jhargram

We see our deflated bodies

Entangled in the mangled wreckage

Of Steel

Crushed under wheels of another train

Wheel of Fate!

the nears and dears so inconsolable

Not so near, neither dear

the babus, the cameramen, the netas

shedding Crocodile Tear

Soon they will forget all

Will remain

only political gain

Some obscure poet will lament somewhere

Over here

We are not alone

Have 26/11 victims for company

They console

For them there were candle light processions

Much public outcry

Governments claimed in no uncertain terms

Culprits will be brought to book

but now look

Master mind of their massacre

Roams free in alien land

And here with a smiling face

some top babu expresses government's disappointment

and back they all go to their partying ways

" We were born we died

Did we ever belong to a country, a nation

For which we sang the national anthem?"

The 26/11 victims do wonder

Our rotting bodies below

gift from our own countrymen

machinations of the disgruntled

slippage of the babus

Greed of the politicians

" Did we ever belong to a country, a nation?"

We little twins also wonder.

A bit childish, but here it is.

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