Saturday, September 18, 2010

Out of Box solution for J&K

Yesterday evening I was watching discussion on J&K on a news channel wherein a question posed was " Can there be an out of box solution for J&K problem?" J&K continues to be a problem since independence and collectively as a nation we are far from any solution, as we have been even for all other basic problems concerning nation as a whole. Because as I must have said earlier also, our purpose has only been to talk and befool others, but not to find a solution. Simple solutions, any effective solution has to be simple, exist for all problems but not will to find them. Coming back to J&K, I don't know of the problem in depth and have never thought much about it. Watching the TV yesterday, I gave it a try and an 'out of box' solution did come to my mind.

A large number of Kashmiris and leaders talk of independence and self determination which India will never allow as the anchor was correctly pointing out. But are they not already independent as a federal unit? Why do they want to secede from the Union? They should elect a state government that works for them. desire for secession should come only if Centre doesn't give state its due and neglects it. I don't know but I feel that should haven't happened given the special status for J&K.
Then what is the problem? Atrocities by army? Army should be pulled up if so. Development and fair and just administration will assuage the feelings of any people. These require just will, will of those who have the power.

Nothing out of box in above. Kashmiris are cut up with India and a large number wants to secede - this also is fact and something out of ordinary will have to be done to make them feel more wanted and a part of India. What that could be? It occured to me J&K must be sending very few MP's , based on population there, to the Union. I checked up and found it is 6 against 10 from a tiny state of Haryana. Could this number be increased to, say, 12 as a clear message to people of J&K that India cares for them. A larger participation being allowed in the matters of Union will be a strong political action and message, separatists and secessionists will find hard to counter. This has to be coupled with good governance and development etc. Foolish? Out of box solutions have to be like that.

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