Friday, May 3, 2013

A Simple Script

KKR vs RR: 3/5/2013

It was a simple script to rob the punters who had no option but to expect a keen match between the two sides, given the build-up to this match by way of last few matches and the recent good performance of RR. KKR won in a contest suddenly gone one-sided in the last overs of RR batting, leaving the punters backing RR (must have been in majority in view of better odds (2.45) available for them and their past performance having been much better than KKR) high and dry.

In the bargain, the second session of RR batting (overs 10-20) got well manipulated in contrast to the previous few matches. Only 30 runs were scored in last 5 overs with a number of wickets in hand. It was in contrast to 60 plus runs being scored in those overs in last few matches such that it was now hard for the viewers not to have expected similar brisk scoring in last overs in this match. 

The scoring in the first session was manipulated the other way round. 43 runs were scored in overs 6-10 against only 28 runs having been scored in 0-5 overs.

Yusuf Pathan came good when the job was easy and could well have been done without his services.

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