Sunday, May 12, 2013

Memory Loss

KXIP vs RR: 9/5/2013

Did KXIP middle order, especially Miller, had a sudden memory loss while batting in this match? Mandeep Singh, after a few good batting stints, has  now been given the role of getting out early in the innings, a role having been played by Gilchrist for too long to be continued further by him. After that early loss, KXIP were  comfortably placed at 102/1 in the 14th over, when their middle order collapsed/failed as per the dictates of the script. Miller who had scored 101 of 38 balls for an historical win in the last innings he had played a few days back, scored a mere 8 runs in 11 balls, without even attempting a boundary, before getting out. Doesn't need any explanation to understand how this middle order failure of KXIP (after their last performance) would have be-fooled and cornered the punters. 

The ultimate score of 145 by KXIP was easily chased by RR after an early wobble (to give false scare/hope) to the punters, and once again the KXIP lost tamely after a promising performance in the last match.  

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