Thursday, May 2, 2013

The fluctuation of Odds (to be) dictates the Action in the Field

MI vs KXIP: 29/4/2013

The book 'Inside the Boundary Line' tells its readers that first it was decided how the odds were to vary in a match and then the script was finalised accordingly. This can be well understood through this match.

KXIP allowed MI to run away with a score of 174, the captain for the day choosing himself to be the villain, after keeping them in check for most of the overs. Now chasing this score, starting with Hussey, the KXIP lost a wicket (purposefully - too obvious) every time just as they appeared to be coming back into game from a lost cause. After Hussey, the captain, it was Azhar Mahmood, then Chawla, and then Miller. And on the last ball that could easily be hit for a six to win the game, Praveen Kumar chose to pop up a simple catch, as Miller had done prior to him.

That ensured that MI remained comfortably favourite through-out and odds remained so, never going to be in f/o KXIP. Had departure (getting out) of any of above been delayed even by a couple of balls, odds would have gone towards KXIP  being favourites, and that was not to be allowed. Accordingly the timing of all above wickets was scripted before-hand.

Interestingly, both Miller and P Kumar got out on full tosses that they could easily have hit for sixes if they so desired. Was it to justify (you see, full tosses can get wickets!) bowlers bowling full tosses to facilitate hitting of sixes at crucial junctures as has been happening since years and will be happening for ages?

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