Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pune Flatter to Deceive yet Again

PWI vs RR: 5/5/2013

Didn't follow this one also live.

One of some consistent points about script-writing of IPL6 matches by the fixers has been the performance of PWI. In a number of their matches, they have gone into a strong position, an invincible one at times, and then lost the match, while losing some other hopelessly one-sided. This match was another addition in that chain, combining the two flavours. From 61/0 in 6 overs, and 97/0 in the 11th over, they could manage only 178 in the 20 overs. Still not a bad score, can be said to be above par. But then they bowled to help RR win comfortably, though remaining in competition till last.

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