Saturday, May 11, 2013

Selecting an Actor for a particular Role

KKR vs MI: 7/5/2013

For a film or a drama, actors are found out/selected to perform a particular role. Similarly the team selection is done for the cricket matches, pre-scripted as those are now-a-days. It is obvious that McLaren was included in the KKR team for this match for the specific role and purpose of a bowler to be f****d by the opposing batsmen. He performed his role well, and went for 25 runs in the last over of the MI innings to turn the match in their favour. That also helped the session manipulation simultaneously as planned by the fixers. The big hitter Pollard having gone out cheaply, the punters would haven't bet for such scoring in the end over as happened. 

McLaren had gone for 35 in his 3 overs prior to having been entrusted the job of bowling the final over of the innings, and yet was chosen for this job. There were many other bowlers who could have been given the job, one of them being Balaji who had bowled his 3 overs for mere 7 runs in this very match and innings.

It may also be worth seeing the recordings of McLaren getting out. He gives up easily and makes no efforts to regain his crease, that the cause was already as good as lost by that time can't be an excuse.

The champions lost too tamely to be expected by the viewers and the punters.  

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