Wednesday, May 8, 2013

All In-form Batsmen Flop jointly on Same Day

CSK vs MI: 5/5/2013

Didn't follow this match live.

All the top batsmen of CSK had displayed awful form this IPL before this match. In this particular match, all of them decided to forget batting and chose to lose form in unison like and not so like eleven chaste women friends conspiring to lose their virginity simultaneously, to be bundled out for 79, before having lost the match in the 13th over of their batting for all practical purposes with score at 54/9, while chasing below par score of 139 posted by MI. Could it be cricket and something natural? Or could it be nothing but staged drama? See the recordings and decide for yourself, keeping the background knowledge and build up to this match in mind. 

Or could it be that suddenly on that evening, the MI bowlers discovered their lethal bowling abilities? If so, they shouldn't forget the same rest of IPL at least. And should be even more effective in the coming matches against teams having lesser batting abilities. I can assure you it won't be so.

MI batting first, the session scoring in the first session of 0-10 overs was well manipulated with only 47 runs scored in first session, an unthinkable mere 6 runs being scored in the last 3 overs of the session. This must have ensured the runs scored at the end of the session being less than the score on offer at any time during the session. 19 runs were scored in the last over, to manipulate the 10-20 overs session the other way round.

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