Thursday, May 2, 2013

PWI have accepted to be the losers for IPL6 As Well

30/4/2013: CSK vs PWI

A match I couldn't follow live. PWI lost out in a one-sided contest in ultimate analysis, though they had a brief initial ascendancy in both the innings. Do cricket and natural law of averages justify PWI's continuing abysmal performance for second consecutive year, or is it a result of brilliant scripting to rob the punters - the purpose of international cricket on date? Considering one of the strongest line-ups on paper, the punters would have expected PWI to come good at some stage, and would have been losing repeatedly in that expectation.

PWI, in the overall scheme of things, it appears, have gleefully accepted the role of the bottom seekers, once again. 

Initial ascendancy in both the innings by PWI would have further tempted the punters to back them, before being left in the lurch, especially in the second innings involving PWI batting. In this innings, starting with the fall of Finch's wicket, the collapse was so sudden that the punters expectantly backing PWI had no escape route left and were buried for good.

Manipulations in session scoring took place side by side as usual.  

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