Friday, May 17, 2013

PW Try Hard but Don't Lose

Pune Warriors 170/4 (20/20 ov); Kolkata Knight Riders 163/7 (20/20 ov)
Pune Warriors won by 7 runs

Before I post analysis/observations about this match, another match-fixing scandal, conveniently named spot-fixing as usual, has come out. Irrespective of that, the staged cricket is to continue as usual. About that, may be later. 

To viewers of this match, it would have appeared that PW were bowling and fielding to lose this match also. But still they won as KKR did better to lose it when it had come well under their control. After bowling two wides for 10 runs in the opening over and then coming to clear ascendancy with KKR 29/3 in the 5th over, PW again let the match slip, by bowling into strong areas of Yusuf Pathan rather than in his weak areas, and continuous misfielding. 

Then with match in their grasp with 122/3 in 15 overs, Pathan and Doeschate well set and in total control, it was KKR's turn to commit harakiri. They did so well and lost in the end, Doeschate getting himself run out and Pathan getting himself out for obstructing the fielder.  Was it and could it be natural? See the recordings and decide for yourself. Is Yusuf Pathan so dumb as a cricketer?

Punters must have got trapped twice, first when match appeared to be in total control of PW and secondly when KKR were in a very comfortable position as mentioned above.

PW batting was seemingly a normal game, session scoring being subtly and aptly manipulated unnaturally.

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