Monday, April 8, 2013

5/4/13: PW vs SRH

A  good batting wicket as per experts and commentators. Side batting first scores 126. At 60 for 2 in 10 overs, they are not that bad off. But stop scoring runs and continue losing wickets after 10th over, having lost a wicket on the last ball of the 10th over.

Consider what session bettors would have expected and what happens. In both the sessions, 0-10 and 10-20, the ultimate session score is (should be) less than or same as the minimum score on offer by the bookies. Through out these sessions, mostly punters would expect the batting side to put pressure on the accelerator next, with that next never to come. They are bound to lose heavily.

After this score by SRH, they are written off by the commentators and experts, nothing much wrong in that. But then something  grossly wrong in the way, the PW bat to lose the match by a big margin of 24 runs chasing a small score. Not saying much, just see the shots being played by Uthappa and Samuels, and tell me if those are not the shots one would play for giving catching practice to the wicket-keeper and the first slip respectively. For other wickets also, decide for yourself (except for last over by Steyn when match was already almost over)  whether it was superb bowling or suicidal batting.

Brief Scores: SRH 126/6; PW (a very strong batting side on paper) 104/10 in 18.5 overs

PW were the pre-match favourites, and lost match from being favourites with odds of about 1.1 at one stage before losing the first wicket.

Second such match in succession.

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