Friday, April 26, 2013

DD can bat afterall

DD vs MI: 21/4/2013

Through Sehwag and Jayawardene, DD rediscovered their batting prowess, after six consecutive failures. A natural phenomenon or dictates of scripts? Answer shouldn't be difficult for one gifted with normal intelligence. How lasting or short lived this rediscovery is going to be, time alone will tell (of course the script-writers and the fixers must already be knowing).

In last match/es, the top DD batsmen flopped after showing initial promise. Punters could never be sure about their not flopping this time. On the contrary, they must have made mistakes expecting DD to lose wickets in their chase, which they didn't till match was almost over. 

Jayawardene, the DD captain, said before the toss that the pitch would get slow as the match progresses. A statement repeated by the commentator (Bhogle if I remember correctly) towards the end of MI innings when a healthy MI score was in sight. Not only did MI score at a better pace in the end, but DD also surpassed the substantial 161 posted by MI easily, losing their first wicket after 150. Was Jayawardene's statement to befool the opposing captain or the punters? The repetition of same by the commentator certainly couldn't be to befool the opposing captain.

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