Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to lose a Match

The 16th match of IPL6, CSK vs RCB on 13/4/13, was a lesson in how to lose a match (forgetting for the time being that everything is scripted anyway). The efforts to lose began with team selection, before the first ball was bowled. Christian was included in the playing eleven to replace Henriques, in form both with the bat and the ball as per his previous performances. And what does he do. He scores 2 runs in 2 balls, and bowls just 2 overs (for 13 runs), while other seamers in his team bowl to lose the match.

Syed Mohammad, the most effective RCB bowler on scene (3-0-15-2) doesn't get to bowl his 4th over, while his team-mates bowl for the team to lose from a very strong position. Can any expert explain it?

RP Singh drops a sitter off Badrinath, and Kohli takes that extra time in throwing the ball on the first ball of the 16th over, allowing the batsmen to complete two runs.

And then that historical (would be) big no-ball by RP Singh for the last ball of the match to convert a win into a loss. Great drama! Another last ball finish! Don't know whether to commend the script writers or laugh on the shamelessness being displayed by the fixers and the organizers.

165 is told to be just a par score and the commentator says very good batting conditions when CSK start their chase. Soon they are in the dumps with 10/2 before late recovery assisted by the opponents.

In second batting, 14 runs scored in the 6th over (the last over of the session bracket) against run of play, 17 runs having been scored in the first 5 overs. 



DEVA said...

bro..u did a wonderful analysis of these cricket matches and yes...these are fixed..scripted.

and one thing would baffle u..last year during IPL, I received one fwd on watsapp and it had the result of next 16 league matches, 2 semis and 1 final and every match resulted in same. Semi final teams were fixed as well as Final winner...

and one more thing..are u into betting...Do reply !!

Atul Kumar said...

Saw the comment only today. Have you that message still with you saved anywhere?

Atul Kumar said...

May pl contact me thru email