Thursday, April 18, 2013

A repeat with different Twists

We are talking of match between PWI and SRH played on 17/4/13 at Pune. The first match between them also went same way with SRH batting first and scoring 126 to win. This time they scored 119 and won. While chasing, in the first match, Pune lost their first wicket at 36 in the 7th over and surrendered the advantage by the 12th over with score at 50-4. In this match, they lost first 2 wickets off consecutive deliveries at 38 in the 5th over, but remained well in control till the 19th over, requiring 14 runs in 12 balls with 4 wickets in hand.

And shaming cricket, their last three batsmen followed their captain in the same over and other senior batsmen earlier, in playing shots for the sole purpose of getting out (caught or bowled as the case be), to present a hat-trick to Amit Mishra and match to SRH. The strong and deep batting line of Pune stunned its fans, assured in their knowledge that they will be again there to cheer them in the next match. The Umpire also played his part in giving Bhuvaneshwar Kumar out LBW when he was not.

Before start of Pune innings, Sidhu told the TV viewers that he would bet all his horses on Pune win which was sure to be a cake-walk.

The punters having backed Pune, a very highly likely winner, before the start of the 19th over, couldn't find any place to hide by the time the over ended. And undoubtedly, the odds available for backing Pune at the end of the 18th over were at least double (at about 1.2) than what these generally should have been to tempt the punters to lose heavily. 

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