Thursday, April 18, 2013

Super Overs Reveal All

There is something exclusive about DD team. They have played all the five games this season so far, to lose (though still much better than PWI last season). Their last game vs RCB on 16/4/2013 was all lost before the last ball of the 16th over, with 23 runs required of 25 remaining balls with 7 wickets in hand and two well set batsmen for RCB on the crease. And then uncertainties of cricket (for the fools) or belligerence of the script writers (as the non-fools would know) prevailed, 20 overs each side ending in an unbelievable tie.

Before that, Sehwag once again chose to get out immediately after his partner had done so. In the bargain, causing heavy losses to the punters betting on the session and expecting high scoring in the 0-10 over session as Warner and Sehwag had been batting in full flow before both got out in quick succession against the run of  play, in the 6th and the 7th overs. From 42-0 at the end of five overs, the session ended at 67/2.

A plumb LBW of RCB batsman Rahul (Cricinfo calls it dead plumb) in the first over was turned down by the umpire. Just as commentator said Gayle was struggling for runs, he hit 2 sixes in 3 balls before getting out. Something to do with manipulation of session scoring.

With Kohli and Villiers on the crease at fall of Gayle's wicket, Ravi Shastri and other commentator/s were repeatedly saying that one more wicket for Delhi was needed/would put them in strong position, a clear  indication to me that the wicket would not fall soon and that the partnership would go until end. And sure it happened so before the late innings drama leading to another tie in the tournament.

To my mind, it was a tie designed to be so before the start of the match.

Now let us examine the super overs critically. DD bowled first and conceded only 3 runs in the first 4 balls. And when match appeared to be in their grasp, next two balls were bowled to be hit for consecutive sixes. 16 runs to win was still not beyond DD with Warner, Sehwag, and Jayawardene, the big 3 in their ranks (no score being beyond them). But alas! Sehwag can't bat as he has not fielded, Jayawardene doesn't come out, and Warner is out first ball. Pathan raises hopes with some good hits to fail when it matters. Rohrer plays his role of a non performer.

The play in super overs clearly reveals (only to those with eyes open) that DD were never meant to win this match and they didn't.   

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